Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas in July - - AGAIN????

I know.  Christmas just ended and now here are all the early, early, early - - -  well you get it.  Yes, for some this is just another marketing trick, but I think it can be more.  This is a good time to check in with our feelings of hope, help for those around us, hospitality, and our moral compass, just as we do in November and December.

Yes, it is a "Hallmark Moment" as the two Hallmark channels run their Christmas movies, all rather simple, sweet and predictible - smaltzy - but we need a little smaltz in our lives to center us.

Now as to the other part of Christmas in July - the sales. As a small business owner and jewelry designer Rivendell Rock Jewelry, I am offering a store wide sale - 10% off all items from July 6 to July 12 in conjunction with other Etsy shops.

Didn't find something you like? You will find many gorgeous, handmade items from small crafters and artists listed at STATTEAM "Christmas in July" SALE Promotional Blog July 6-July12   Please be sure and check it out.  Here are artists who create unique jewelry, crochet and knit pieces, paintings, pottery, and more ways to trick out a horse or pony than you can ever imagine!

As for my jewelry, I can't let you go without highlighting one or two pieces, (or maybe three) can I?

For a practical jewelry item, check out our ID lanyards - for example

Trending bracelets with a flair - for example

And the perfect Summer time earrings - 

P.S.  We all know that Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol, but how many knew he wrote quite a few Christmas stories?  I didn't - check my next blog for more about this wonderful author and his connection with Christmas.