Monday, March 9, 2015

Name Change

We changed the name of our shop on Etsy from
Exotic Treasures to Rivendell Rock Jewelry []  We had two reasons for the change.

First, we moved.  We are now up near Coloma and Placerville, California, near the old gold discovery site.  We named our new property Rivendell after the Elves home from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books.  Not that it is that grand, nor does it have anything like the water that is so much a part of the original, but because it is a peaceful, quiet place.

Second, we had a few people think that there was something erotic about our jewelry, given that the word "exotic" is frequently associated with such things.  That is the furtherest thing from the truth.

We will be keeping this name for our blog for a few more weeks, but will be starting a new one soon.  We'll list that name here, along with the new URL.

And for a quick P.S., there are two of us - this is not a royal we that we use.  We're a mother-son team of jewelry designers.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pretty, Practical, and Security Conscious Jewelry

Whether we like it or not, security has become an important element in our lives.  Wearing identification badges is a large part of that. From teachers to nurses, doctors to cruise passengers, ID badges and the lanyards to hold them are a big part of our lives.

That’s the grim side; now for the fashionista side.  Pretty lanyards that coordinate with our clothes and match our personality are far better for our emotional and professional wellbeing that those slightly scruffy woven types handed out by companies, complete with advertising logos.  For example, here is an elegant, sophisticated lanyard that would coordinate perfectly with a business suit:

For something softer and a bit more feminine, the same design is executed in pink:

 A rustic, tumbles gemstone model is great for those who prefer natural stones:

 And for those who like animals, or work in places where cute lanyards fit in perfectly you can wear:

The thing to remember though, is while we may need to concentrate on security and safety, we can do so while still remaining true to our fashion style.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Green Dilemma

It's almost St Patrick's day, and for those of us who just cannot wear green, this day can be problematic. If I put on a pale green dress or blouse, someone will be handing me a basin. If I try a dark green scarf I look so sick someone is calling 911. I love green, but I just cannot wear green clothes.

Then one day, I tried on a green necklace. Just some polished rocks like this one

and everything changed!  For some reason, my face doesn’t turn green when I wear green jewelry.  

Now, I design and make a whole line of green jewelry, both for those of us who are green challenged and for those who just love the color.

Check out my shop to see more