Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mood rings are lots of fun, but why rely on a little thermo tropic material (that’s the stuff that your skin temperature activates) to broadcast your mood.  Take charge, tell the world what you are feeling when you pick your jewelry for the day or evening.

The stronger, more in-your-face emotions are represented by predictable and some unusual colors. 
For example, feeling active, adventurous, alluring, exciting, passionate?  Red is easily associated with these emotions and pops up on the mood ring, too.  Jewelry made with red coral, garnet, carnelian or red jasper will let the world know you are enthusiastic and ready to go.

Rhodonite Nursing Necklace

Are you in a mysterious mood, feeling intense, fierce, energetic?  Your mood ring would be turning black.  Slip on a black onyx necklace or earrings.
Is your mood pensive?  Are you thinking things through, planning a big change, ready to boldly go . . . . ?  Check the mood ring – see that beautiful deep brown?  Now, find that fantastic Tigereye or mahogany obsidian necklace.
Romance is in the wind, your emotions are simmering, you are hopeful, excited – then a soft yellow green pendant and necklace is exactly right.  Not what you expected – but skin temperature never lies – according to mood rings.
So much for the more intense emotions– our next blog will be on the softer, calmer attitudes .