Friday, April 19, 2013

Shakespeare Was Right

Yesterday I was struggling with a design.  It should have worked – I had gorgeous shimmering white crystals, sparkling light blue ones, lovely frosted white beads, a soft pale yellow – well you get the idea – all pastel colors.  I had an original design I had sketched out, my loom strung, and I started weaving.   

Anyway,  I worked the pattern for a while . . . undid it . . . re-designed . . . wove again . . .undid it . . . changed colors . . . .  The design was good – the colors so soft and cool – just right for spring, but the magic was just not happening!  

Frustrated, I sat back and looked around my design space and out the window at my garden.  What met my eyes was strong color – everything, from the bright sunlit sky to the grass was saturated in color.  That’s the world I have created.  There are some pastels, but they are foils for the rich deep colors I seem to thrive on.

Lesson learned - you will find bright, bold, deep, rich, saturated color in my designs, with some pastels and pearls for accents.  Bottom line – Shakespeare was right – “to thine own self be true.”

Bold blue and sunflower yellow add a punch of color to the soft pearls

Deep forest green malachite is paired with rich dark red garnets in a rustic design

 Antique copper and red coral pair for distinctive, eye catching earrings

Soft peach and pale pastel blue are great - when edgy black is added

Rich sunflower yellow citrine - brilliant saturated color

Bold green jade, black and brown mahogany obsidian and copper wire wrapped green jasper - rich  deep color

Classic red and cobalt blue - lapis lazuli and carnelian with copper accents - deep color saturated gemstones

More cobalt blue lapis lazuli, this time paired with brilliant turquoise and copper.  The rich colors make the beautiful white bird pop

Pink???  Sure - so long as it is a brilliant shocking pink, paired with dark green in these tourmaline earrings.