Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elephant Friendly Ivory Substitute

Let's face it - many fantastic artists worked with ivory.  It's gorgeous by itself, can be carved into incredible pieces of art, and if cared for, will last hundreds or even thousands of years.  But, big down side - elephants don't shed their tusks - they have to be killed and no matter how wonderful the art work may be, sacrificing such majestic animals is not justifiable.  Period.

There is a substitute that is being used by wonderfully creative artists - it's bone.  Creative artists from around the world are now working with bone.  The first pendant pictured here was carved in Bali.  The second and third are from China.  These bone pieces compare most favorably with those found in museums.

This cameo is as much a work of art as any ancient piece of carved ivory - and it's bleached bone.

Bone can be artificially aged, giving it an ancient look, as these two pieces have been:

Beauty, artistry, and sustainability.  And elephants continue to roam the earth!  It's a little like having  our cake and being able to eat it, too!