Sunday, April 1, 2012


Getting ready for work, school, a date or just a shopping trip?  Let your mood be reflected in your jewelry!   We’ve discussed the more powerful emotions identified by mood rings in a previous blog.   So what about those gentler, more subtle moods – what color jewelry would you chose for those?

It’s no surprise that deep blue reflects a calm, peaceful, happy mood, but did you know your mood ring will turn this gorgeous color when you are approachable, fun loving, warm and loving?  Lapis Lazuli and London Blue Topaz are the perfect deep blue to telegraph this mood.
Dark green on your thermo tropic skin temperature device shows you are feeling serene, easily amused, quietly alert, sensitive, and tender.  Aventurine, Moss Agate and jade jewelry have that deep saturated green.
Are you are feeling cooled, pensive, philosophical, and just a bit restrained?  Your ring would be turning white – so go for pearls or white buffalo stone.
No matter what your mood, always buy and wear good quality, original jewelry that reflects your individual style, goals, and personality.